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September 28, 2013 — It's harvest time! Unfortunately, there's also an unexpected typhoon! Who saw that coming? Not the meteorologist who advises the Willamette Valley wine growers. Read the story in the McMinnville News-Register about how our 2013 harvest was suddenly pushed up, along with everyone else's in the area, when a sudden change of forecast was announced Thursday, September 26 that resulted in a mad scramble to harvest on the morning of September 27. The story features photos of our Carlton Hill Vineyard harvest.


September 25, 2013 — We're finally on the Higgins list! A phone call today from Andy at Higgins Restaurant in downtown Portland made David's day. Higgins is a reliable Portland favorite, with a romantic, northwestern elegance. It was to Higgins that David invited Tara on their first dinner date. In candle light at a lovely corner window table, Tara and David met, only Tara had a headache that evening. David, eager to impress, ran to his car to get some ibuprofen for her. After discovering he didn't have any, he ran several blocks to Safeway to buy some. Meanwhile, Tara, alone at her table is thinking "this isn't such a hot first date." But when David returns with medicine and Tara sees what he was willing to do to help her feel better, her heart is warmed. Two years later, we're married, and it all started at Higgins! We're delighted that you can now have Carlton Hill Pinot noir there. Try it paired with Higgins' duck confit, rigatoni, or "whole pig plate" stew. We hope you create happy memories of your own there.


Carlton Hill Estate Pinot Noirs won two Double Gold awards at the 2012 Oregon Wine Awards! The winning submissions were the 2010 Estate and the 2009 Estate Reserve. Both of these wines will be availble for sale at our upcoming wine tasting event on May 26, 2013.

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