Frequently Asked Questions about Carlton Hill Wines


Where are you located?
We're in Carlton, Oregon. On a hill.

Where is your wine made?
We make our wine at WineWorks Oregon in McMinnville, Oregon. About 20 minutes from Carlton Hill, WineWorks is close enough to stay hands-on with the wine-making, but far enough away that we don't over-involve ourselves in the wine's natural process. Think of boiling rice: you know you're supposed to leave the lid on the whole time, but you peek, don't you? Yeah, far enough away not to mess things up.

Who's that on the Carlton Hill wines label?

You know, I get that question a lot. So I'm finally putting the answer in writing. Check it out [link to page].

Where are your grapes from?

All of our wines are made from our estate-grown grapes. The Carlton Hill Vineyard is the only source of grapes for Carlton Hill wines. The pictures of our vineyard on this website? Those are the grapes in Carlton Hill wines.

Why do you only make Pinot Noir?

Do you know how hard it is to make Pinot Noir? Sheesh. Can't we get any credit for attempting to make one of the most persnickety wines there is?

Do you make any white wines?

Go ahead. Ask me that one more time. I just can't take that question anymore. I will start to make a white wine if just one more person asks me that.

How come you're not in any of the published guides to Oregon wine country or on the Oregon wine country wine tour maps?

We like to be under the radar. That way, we know that all of the people who show up to our tastings, buy our wines, and sign up for our email list are people who really, really care.